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Lisa LaBrie

Writer, Speaker, Nurse, Educator, Travel Lover.

I started this page because it reflects two personal passions of mine: travel and self-care. As a healthcare professional for the last fourteen years, I have seen a lot of people who don't make time to or know how to practice self-care. During that time, I learned about self-care and began developing lectures, articles, and workshops about self-care for staff. Working in a giving profession like healthcare means you spend most of your day giving to others and very little time giving to yourself. After 13 years, I found myself experiencing burnout and compassion fatigue, surrounded by others experiencing the same. I took some savings and went to Europe for a month. Travel is one way that I recharge and reconnect with myself and my family. And now I want to help you do the same. Whether you work in a giving profession like healthcare or education, or whether you work in another field, Self-care Travel is committed to helping you take care of yourself so you can be the best version of yourself.

This Website

On this website, we will bring you strategies for you to take care of all five dimensions of self: the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social. We will present options for a variety of budgets, this isn't a website about why you need to go to a day spa to relax, although we don't mind going to a day spa as one way to relax. We realize that self-care is something that is needed for everyone, not just those with extra money. We also will include new self-care that is founded on research and experience, and not product sponsorships (even though we may mention products we love). All articles and images belong to Selfcare Travel and cannot be reproduced without permission.

The Team

Selfcare Travel is written by people like you. People with busy lives looking for ways to recharge and refill their cup, before heading back out into the world.

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